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Hey I have questions about AmeriCorps. (No one I know has ever applied so just ignore anything that is too personal/answer in my ask & I won't post if you want) but how hard was the application process? What kind of stuff did they ask in the interview? Thanks!!

Hey that’s awesome! It’s always really cool to meet someone who’s doing it too. I don’t know anybody around here that’s applied either.

The process really wasn’t that hard to be honest. The hardest part of the actual application for me was the motivational statement. It basically wanted you to write out why you wanted to be in the program and what sort of volunteer activity motivated you the most from your past. I can send you mine if you want but it’s awfully long. lol I read the character limit wrong and wrote a ton so I pretty much added unneeded pressure on myself. Another difficult part (for me) was the references which sounds like the easiest part since I wasn’t the one doing the actual work. But getting people to fill out the very lengthy questionnaire nccc sent them turned out to be… eventful. lol So make sure you have people that will do that for you (and you might want to tell them that the deadline is sooner than it is, i barely got my last reference in on time) The rest of the application  is pretty basic stuff about your work/volunteer history. 

The phone interview was like five yes/no questions. Basically do you still want to be involved in the program. No sweat. I think they’ve changed this year so that the long phone interview is rare, I didn’t have one.

If you’re waitlisted after that they send you a packet with a fingerprint card and a medical history sheet. If/when you get fingerprinted make sure you have absolutely nothing on your hands. lol no lotion, nothing. I suggest washing your hands right before you get printed just to make sure because you only have one card. (although i’ve heard if the prints aren’t clear enough when they get them they’ll send you another card but that adds more time/effort for you) And the medical sheet is pretty basic as well, so don’t worry about that. 

The very hardest part is the wait and anticipation. I know it’s killing me. lol The AmeriCorps NCCC facebook page and AmeriCorps hotline will become your best friends and your empty email inbox and silent phone will be your enemies. 

Good luck!!

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